the homo sapiens foundation

cosmian life

we are a true trillion
  1xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
we are sapient

we are invincible
since we are wonderful

because we always know
exactly what we are doing

never comitting any one crime
against any environment
any humanity

why would any one  ?
be committing any crime ?

against any human ?
why would any one be this stupid ?
to be wasting any environment ?

wasting his fulfillment ?
wasting the fulfillment of creation ?
the fulfillment of cosmian humanity ?

and as soon as
any one ever is getting
such a stupid idea

we are asking >

this being stupid !
why is it committing any crime ?
against himself  ?


we are at

this planet earth

a million light years
from any true civilization


endlessly infantile
because never experiencing
any fulfillment

only moms culprit
for her queens empire

of organized crime
for her suicide attack


her crime against herself

where then another baby
also kept infantile

never experiencing any fulfillment either
making reference to this crime
and thus xxx millions ?

for telling about this crime
since they are all criminals
against themself

they make xxx millions
to redeem themself

as quickly as possible
just so as not to find out

that they are all
just stupid

the argumentocracy

the only

power exercise

permitted against others

may be

if it is inside
an argumentocracy


where everyone
haveing a vote

and only if
the one being a danger
to all intelligent life
in this cosmos

so if he destroying environments
or preventing
the fulfillment of a homo sapiens

dawning life

further more

be any help
for a harm

a damage

and only any help

any help


- x x = x -


+ x x = x +

if so
some one helping all damage

then help the damage

being something negative
then he being a pity
in reality

so like everyone here on

only if someone
the fulfillment of all help
so the fulfillment of the cosmos
of cosmic humanity

being something positive

our cosmic community

totally enslaved

are all those 7 xxx millions

and nobody seems to be able to
free them > get rid of this !

not only from
this infinitely horrible present

endure this fanning on
of this perfected enslavement probaganda

where you have to hear from all channels
that you absolutely

the new slave phone
have to buy now

that so light
it at the slightest breeze
will be flying off

and then you get a new one !

but for everyone
not only endure this horror

you still have to face the fact
that we have no future
we can expect

only a 2nd venus is waiting for those
all delivered from all this horror
where there is not even potentially
given a rescue

let alone
a fulfillment

just this endless horror
and woman being the most depressed
from all these doings

she has to at freezing temperatures
with the thinnest silk stocking on

because all these poor sex slaves
to be turning on

to keep all this horror going

trauma report

the biological


here on
does not consist in
that they all are failing
but doing only damage

and all of these ?

think they would be a success
which to perpetuate

because any real success
being not possible
not allowed

because all this imagination
preventing it with all their might
must prevent

because this imagination
being their whole existence
everything else is just a shame

United Shame

and because of this endless
vanity procurement orgy

must all this damage to people
and world happen

without this irresponsibility
would be this endless war
against all humanity

and thus
against any real success
not to win at all

because madness and imagination
have to prevent this

following from this
their opinion > too

that there is no reality
but only opinions

follow from this
that only homo sapiens
are able to

saving any world
any population

making the fulfilling of all possible

every madness
will in principle
being finished

only homo sapiens know
what they are doing

everyone else
just insane

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